Cabinet of Ministers

Vilayat Eyvazov

Ali Ahmadov

Ali Ahmadov

Ziyad Samadzada

Aydin Safikhanli

Sadagat Valiyeva

Ali Ahmadov

Ali Insanov

Leyla Abdullayeva

Who are we?

“Fact Check” (Fakt Yoxla) is an initiative, aiming to deliver political, socio-economic, legal news and information in an impartial way in order to prevent the manipulation of the Azerbaijan society.

Fact Check is independent and impartial.

In order to check the accuracy, statements made by the president, vice-president, prime minister and members of the government, MPs, politicians and public figures, are monitored. The accuracy of their statements is verified by all possible information resources. In the end, all statements are evaluated in the following form:


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